Waukegan Main Street Benefit
“Scoop the Lake”
May 30, 2015
Reverse PHRF/Harbor Start
Sponsored by Anchorage Yacht Club, Waukegan Yacht Club, and Waukegan Main Street

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1.1* Scoop the Lake will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing, the rules of the LMPHRF, and the Scoop the Lake’s Race Committee. All funds raised will be donated to Waukegan Main Street. Waukegan Main Street is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of the Downtown Waukegan area. Their mission is to bring more people and more businesses to downtown Waukegan. Waukegan Main Street makes the downtown a better place to live, work, and play. Supporting WMS means supporting this effort to create a vibrant downtown for everyone. All of us sailing from Waukegan Harbor benefit from their efforts. The Scoop the Lake Race Committee recommends wearing Life Jackets during the event.


2.1 If your boat is wind powered and can make it around the course, you can enter.
2.2 Boats can enter by completing the registration and rating form (attached), paying the race fee, and providing proof of insurance. If you don’t have a valid PHRF certificate, the Committee will assign you a rating. Assigned ratings are final, whiners will be subjected to public ridicule. Entries must be received by May 29th. (Late fee if received after May 28th).
2.3 Boats can choose to enter either the SPINN (spinnaker) or JAM (jib and main) divisions.
2.4 Late entries will be accepted on payment of a late fee, and purchase of a round of drinks for the Committee.
2.5 Sign up online at Scoopthelake.org
3.1 Entry Fees are:
On time – $50.00
Late Fee – $65.00 (after May 28, 2015)

Waukegan Main Street is a 501 (c)(3) organization. All donations, including entry fees, are tax deductible. We will mail out a letter documenting your donation after the event.

3.2 Crew Challenge:
Crew Members – this is a benefit event supporting an organization dedicated to promoting the town we all sail from. You are all encouraged to add to the entry fee paid by your skipper. An envelope has been placed in the check in packet for Crew donations. A minimum of $5 per crew member is suggested.

• Check in May 29th at the Waukegan Yacht Club, from 6 till 6:30
• Skipper’s Meeting and Pre Race Celebration – 6:30 Waukegan Yacht Club. All boats must be represented and “check in” at the skipper’s meeting. Come tell tall tales and enjoy friends, BBQ, live music, and FUN.
• Waukegan Harbor Start, 12:30PM Saturday, May 30th first start. Each boat’s start will start in a Reverse PHRF format. Each boat’s start time determined at the skipper’s meeting.
• Model sailboat race 3PM at the South Pier of the South Harbor Waukegan
• Post Race Awards, Raffle and Celebration Upstairs at the Greentown Tavern, 110 South Genesee Street Genesee Avenue, after the race. Starting around 5PM.

The sailing instructions will be announced at the Skipper’s Meeting.
A chart of the racing area is attached
7.1 The attached diagram shows the course (yes – its shaped like an ice cream cone, pretty cute, eh?).
7.2 Alternate Competition – If the weather is so bad only an idiot would go out sailing, or if the wind is non-existent and we are all being eaten by flies, the Committee may cancel the race. All contestants, crew, families and others who are just curious are invited to observe skippers competing in contests of chance and skill to determine finish places, upstairs at the Greentown Tavern. Contest starting times to be announced by the Race Committee on VHF Radio, and posted on the Bulletin Board at the Waukegan Yacht Club.
8.1 Alternate Penalties – Play Fair – be nice! If you do break a rule, you can take an alternate penalty (refer to 2013 to 2016 ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing rule 44 concerning penalty turns). A boat may clear itself by a one turn (touching a mark), or two turn (when boats meet) penalty after getting well clear of other boats as soon after the incident as possible. If you really screw up and cause significant damage or injury, you must withdraw.
8.2 Protests – PUHLEEZE! Why ruin a perfectly good day with a protest? If you must, you need to hail the skipper being protested immediately, fly a red flag, fill out forms, yadayada, and do other things that will generally annoy everyone involved.
Protests must be filed within one hour after the committee boat docks, and written on an official protest form. Decisions of the protest committee will be final as provided in rule 70.5.
Protests must be accompanied by a $150 filing fee, which will be donated to Waukegan Main Street if the protest is not upheld.
Alternatively, protests may be settled by duelling with water pistols, at the option of the protested yacht’s skipper.
9.1 The start is Reverse PHRF, so boats place in the order they finish – makes it simple.
General use of the radio (channel 69) is considered a courtesy and designated use for the Committee boat and Race Chairman only except for the following:

a) Notification of an emergency or danger;
b) Notification of withdrawal from the race;
c) Notification of filing a protest;
d) Notification of acceptance of alternate penalty;
e) A response to a specific committee boat request directed to your boat or to the fleet in general.

• All entries will receive a Booty Bag (no not that kind of booty).
• All skippers will also receive 1 ticket, for a raffle of prizes donated by our sponsors.
• Additional raffle tickets will be available for purchase for prizes and 50/50 drawing.
• The First Place division finisher will receive a Big barrel of BEER!
• The Last Place division finisher will receive a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon “PBR”!
Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.
Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of $300,000 per event or the equivalent.
For further information contact John Hoskins @ jhoskins123@aol.com.

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Chart of the Course



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